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8 Lessons Learned: Holidays

Planning Well on Your Christmas Party in the Office

No one really wants to go to an office Christmas party, but often people just turn up out of the weird sense of social obligation. In some dire instances, for example, the office Christmas party is actually held in the office which makes people even more reluctant to go to this party. You just need to ensure that you are part of the working team who is in charge of the organizing the party so that you can have fun.

See to it that the correct date that you will hold the Christmas party is set. If especially you know that your work is going to be involving during December, you can decide on skipping this month altogether. You can hold a Christmas party at any month say January if you are extremely busy during December. In addition, waiting until January will be of help to you and your colleagues in letting the Christmas celebrations last a bit a little longer than it would have been with the normal dating.

Ensure that in whatever you do, the Christmas party should not be held in the office. Your Company should ensure that it has a budget for the party for costs like the renting of a venue. If you just want to take the employees for a posh sit-down meal, then you could book a table at a local restaurant.

Ensure that you get some entertainment in the Christmas party. For example, If you want to do something that is a little different to a disco, You can think of getting a band or prominent singer to come and entertain you.

Adding a theme will also be a nice thing to do for your party. Although not everyone will be too keen in getting dressed up, some people feel that is the best way to express their side of creativity. It is therefore important that fancy dress isn’t mandatory. Make sure you can get some awesome photos that you can put up in the office over the Christmas period.

Food should be well budgeted for. You can decide to simply put on a buffet for all the guests to help themselves to some having whatever they prefer. See to it that if you hire a room, you get some food included in your rental price to minimize costs. If you consider the cheap options of preparing dishes yourself, you will also have a great choice of dishes and snacks at the party, without having to spend too long in the kitchen.

Encourage mingling at the party to make it fun. If you are going to be enjoying a sit-down meal together as a team, encourage mingling. Make sure that these the games you organize are team games, to put teams together who do not normally work together.

Your office Christmas party will certainly be the perfect place to set up competitions that will make everyone happy and engaged.