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Choosing the Best Puppy Treats

You will without a doubt find one pet in most households which are normally considered as part of the family and one of the most common pets that are found in many homes due to their extreme loving nature are puppies who additionally require special care to ensure they are healthy. They also require special food and treats and while many owners of puppies may opt to buy them from a store, it is not always advisable since most of those packaged treats contain harmful ingredients that may affect your puppy therefore you have to consider making your own dog treats.

Instead of buying them from a store, you should teach yourself how to make dog treats at home as it will be additionally cheaper and more safe for your puppy since you will only use ingredients that have been certified by veterinary officers as safe for consumption by your puppy. There have been a collection of cases of puppies getting distinctive health complexities as a result of eating puppy treats that are made in industries which are more often than not defective since most of the associations that make them are primarily out to make profit and think less of the essential fixings that ought to be in pooch treats.

Making dog treats yourself is a better option since you will be able to fully control what your dog eats therefore ensuring it is healthy by providing all the necessary nutrients that are needed for its growth and avoiding additives that can trigger certain complications in the puppy for example heart disease. Making your own puppy treat isn’t as hard as a number of individuals may think as you just need a couple of fundamental fixings which will empower you concoct a wonderful dog treat that your puppies won’t be able to resist and these fixings are oats, wheat flour, eggs, peanut butter, nut milk and flax seed which can all be effortlessly found in shops.

When you are preparing these treats, it is important for you to avoid using certain ingredients which will be harmful to your dog for example the use of caffeine which naturally increases the blood pressure in dogs and chocolate which is poisonous to all types of dogs and can cause death. When you have started making your own dog treats for your pooch, you must be extremely keen in the initial couple of weeks to keep an eye out for any responses that might be caused by the treats you made and the most widely recognized side effects that are related with the negative responses are itching and ear contamination.